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Laboratory vs In-situ Acoustic Testing

We ensure our glass partition systems meet customer needs through site-based testing, validated acoustic methods, and video evidence.

While lab testing is crucial in the project design and specification phase, site-based testing is equally important for understanding “real-world” actual installed performance condition. At Kaprel, we recognize that every workspace is unique, and it’s essential to test our products in “real-world” conditions to ensure the installed performance meets the needs and expectations of our customers.
While many companies claim to offer high-quality glass partition systems; it’s important to be diligent in your research to ensure that you’re investing in a reliable product with authentic certification and that fundamentally performs on site.

1️⃣ We pride ourselves on our integrity and proven site performance.
2️⃣ We only use validated acoustic testing methods to provide our customers with accurate and reliable data. All of our LAB tests are conducted at independent UKAS accredited acoustic laboratories and all site tests are undertaken are by third party qualified acoustic consultants.
3️⃣ We strive and deliver so our customers achieve nothing less than the best, and get what they pay for.
4️⃣ We stand behind our products with complete confidence.

Full transparency is key to educating and building trust with our customers. That’s why we’re proud to post video evidence of our own systems being site tested with a source noise level of 102dB to demonstrate the performance of the complete acoustic glass partition systems. We understand that investing in a new workspace solution is a big decision, and with our proven performance our customers can be confident in their choice. By providing video evidence, we’re able to offer a further level of assurance that is unmatched in our industry.