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High Performance, Made Locally

Established in the UAE, our mission is to provide premium quality, locally-manufactured acoustic glass partitions to commercial and residential clients across the Middle East.

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment. Because our products are manufactured in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, using locally-sourced materials, we save on transportation and always recycle as much waste as possible. 

Acoustic glass partitions enhance comfort and experience. They reduce noise levels and create privacy for a more productive work environment while maintaining visual transparency and eliminating the need for solid partitions. We design and develop solutions for all sectors to prevent issues arising from poor acoustics.

Our ability to design and develop high-performance products locally, according to international quality standards, reduces the lead times for manufacturing and shipping. It also gives us the flexibility to create bespoke solutions specifically suited to the project’s needs. We are always available to quickly handle any modifications during the post contract stage.

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Our Systems

Our systems are tested to BS and ASTM standards for acoustics at a UKAS independently certified laboratory

Single glazed systems

Double glazed systems

Swing doors

Sliding doors

Moveable walls

Our Work

With hundreds of successful projects within our portfolio and trusted relationships in the industry, we are renowned for regional craftsmanship backed by superior quality

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